Individual Member Registration

General - You are applying to become eKutumb Individual Member. An Individual Member is a freelancer who associates with eKutumb to pursue interesting and economically rewarding roles or work opportunities in the field of Financial Technology. Please ensure that you are not in breach and violation of any other agreement that prohibits you from becoming a freelance individual member of eKutumb. Through the registration process, you will be agreeing to eKutumb’s Subscriber Agreement, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which you must read and be in agreement with.

Process - The registration process has 3 steps. In the first step, you provide your basic details. In the second step, you receive sign-in details on your email. In the third step, you will be providing more specific details such as qualifications, expertise, experience, and the area of interest. Mandatory input fields are marked with an "*".

I have read the subscription agreement and agree to comply with the terms and conditions.